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KES is an innovation content platform based on creativity, technology and behavior. It addresses current topics related to the new economy, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Skills of the Future, Sharing Economy, Maker Movement, Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, New technologies, among others.

Our mission is to help companies and executives form a new business mentality.

Each season includes 6 events (3 keynotes and 3 sessions) with speakers who are prominent in major contemporary movements.

We also offer In Company programs that are customised according to each companies’s needs: lectures, curation of topics and speakers, innovation journeys and workshops.

And, the KES TREK which are learning journeys to major centres of innovation, such as Silicon Valley, Israel, Singapore and China.

Kes Formats


Talks for up to 150 people, with absolutely innovative and relevant contents, followed by the exchange session – a moment where all participants interact and discuss with the speaker and guest experts.


Talks for up to 90 people with a different dynamics of deep and exclusive knowledge exchange, which allows for interaction among participants.

In Company

Curator program that takes all kes expertise into companies in all kinds of industries including: theme selection put into context, speaker, dynamics and format.



Kes Best Moments

Watch the highlights of the 2018 season.

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Who is who behind the scenes

Our board comprises a team of leaders with a strategic vision, always alert to movements, trends and new themes. They are curators here and abroad to bring the people and content that you would want to closely see and experience.

Ricardo Al Makul

Founder and CEO of KES, with formal education in advertising, Ricardo started his career at the age of 16 in a rug and textile business at Rua 25 de março. Lover of retail and communication, on the second year of the advertising college studies he was invited to work in the recently launched retail division of DM9DDB. Two years later he joined Lew’Lara/TBWA, where he worked for 10 years. He was responsible for customer service general direction, and created the Hub, the agency’s new division of trends and innovation. In 2006 he founded his own agency called Centoeseis. In 2010, the Nizan Guanaes ABC Group acquired the company. Two years later it merged into DM9DDB, where he performed as new businesses vice-president for two years. Makul was a professor in the ESPM/Miami Innovation course. He is a collaborator of Fest’up, a major local advertising festival addressed to students. He recently founded Catch Social Business Performance.

Carla Mayumi Albertuni

Carla Mayumi Albertuni is a partner of the research and behavior company Box1824, and a founding partner of Talk Inc. and The Mob. Expert in behavior trends, mainly for young people, and innovation. She is also the co creator of the project “O Sonho Brasileiro” (The Brazilian Dream), launched in 2010 with an aim at listening to the first global generation of Brazilians to better understand their values. In 2014 she launched the continuation of the study “O Sonho Brasileiro da Política” (The Brazilian Dream of Politics) in order to increase knowledge of the partisan political activities of these young people, especially after the demonstrations in 2013. Passionate about education, Carla is also founder of the collective project Educ-Ação (Education-Action), who published in 2013 the book “Volta ao Mundo em 13 Escolas” (Around the World in 13 Schools), a project that was made possible thanks to crowdfunding.

Maria Juliana Giraldo

Founding partner of The Mob, creative resident of Studio 808 and passionate yogi, Maria was Born in Colombia and graduated in marketing and international businesses in the USA from Florida Atlantic University. She strongly believes in the power of communication. After a decade in the advertising market, and having worked for ALMAPBBDO and LewLara/TBWA, she joined the Endeavor Brasil Entrepreneurial Culture Manager. She was part of the innovation core of Box1824 where she met her current partner in The Mob.
The Mob is a company that creates content experiences to inspire, upgrade and transform the corporate world. The company’s purpose is to connect companies with people who are inspiring, innovating and makers, and who are leading the changes we are seeing happening in the world.

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